Venturing Forth With Confidence
Sacral Capital’s GP & Founder has earned and sustained the confidence of investors and companies through an unwavering commitment to wise decision making, fueled by a steadfast approach of patience and foresight.

We are dedicated to becoming the most triumphant, multi-cultural and women-led investment company, ever. We actively seek diverse and optimal ways to utilize capital, ensuring exceptional returns for our stakeholders.

In our pursuit of solutions, we embrace uncharted territories, adopt unconventional approaches, and make substantial and bold allocations in unexpected places.

Focused On


Sacral Fund 1

Our primary focus is to optimize capital utilization to achieve maximum returns for our LPs and institutions. We seek to allocate and/or acquire companies that possess groundbreaking innovations and positive impact on people and the planet. Our investments span various sectors, including government contracted revenue generating businesses, Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, healthtech, greentech, fintech, hardware, agriculture, art, media, and any technological innovations that contribute to the betterment of our oceans, air, forests, villages, cities, and humanity.


  • Thoughtful portfolio formation, backed by the firm's rigorous systematic Ai due diligence and risk management system, aimed at generating alpha across market conditions. We ask incisive questions, collaborating with industry experts, data scientists and corporate management teams.


  • Our team of researchers, engineers, and traders collaborate to utilize AI-powered statistical and quantitative modeling to discover, validate, and seize investment opportunities. They also provide our Limited Partners with transparency into the performance of the Sacral Fund, and create additional liquidity opportunities for our investors.


  • In pursuit of solutions, we will not shy away from uncharted territories, embracing unconventional approaches, and committing to substantial and bold investments in unexpected places. Decision-making that is decentralized enhances our ability to adapt to changing market conditions and fosters the growth of top-notch industry talent.

Brandi Kolosky


"Never problems. Always Solutions."

My mindset is characterized by a positive, solution-focused approach to challenges and difficulties. This awareness forges my team and portco’s to shift their focus from the problem at hand to potential solutions in a proactive and productive manner.

our winning team & advisors

Brandi Kolosky
  • 17 years of experience.
  • Previous Managing Director of VC DealBox overseeing $400m in portfolio companies.
  • Introduced $50m Strategic Investor to FIA Formula E.
  • Owned & Operated a Global PR Marketing Agency for 10 years.
Anthony Gallo
citrin coopperman
cfo – interim
  • 30+ years of experience.
  • Previous CFO of Family Office & Equity Fund
  • Financial Controller of a $1 Billion multi-strategy hedge fund.
  • Currently is an outsourced CFO for Funds.

Seth Wilson

investor in sacral
VC advisor
  • 20+ years of experience.
  • Business Investor & Advisor.
  • Finance Strategist in multiple $1-$10B investment projects, and a variety of 7 & 8-figure mergers & acquisitions.
  • Leadership experience generating significant partnership-based revenue.

Susan Swartz

investor in Sacral
Portco & investor
relations director
  • 30+ years of experience.
  • Multidisciplinary Executive & Spiritual leader.
  • Previous Chief of Staff for the British Consulate-Miami generating leads for international trade and investments.
  • TV & Film Producer, as well as Entrepreneur.

Diane Olivero

citron cooperman
  • 20+ years of experience.
  • Previous Tax Manager at Bessemer Venture Partners, one of the oldest & prestigious Private Equity/Venture Capital firms.
  • Fund accounting, admin & data management.

Patrick Fahy

political advisor
interim coo & cfo
  • 20 years of experience.
  • Chief of Staff and Chief of Strategy for the Department of the Treasury, Ministry of Economy & Finance, Panama City, Panama.
  • Managed the $17 Billion budget.
  • Directed & Raised $650M for Airport expansion project.

Shane Monastero

senior analyst
  • Ex- Investment Banking at Stifel, Boustead Securities, & Revere Securites (formally NorthStar Venture Partners).
  • Supported over $580 million in M&A execution.
  • Expertise in securing capital and debt financing for high-growth technology companies.

Anthony Hirsch

intL’ investments &
commodities advisor
  • Commodities & Gold Mines.
  • CFO
  • Rothchilds
  • $500m Trust Owner – Controller.

Sebastiano Gianoli

family office
  • Owner & Partner of a Family Office in Monaco, France.
  • Previous experience at UBS and Credit Suisse.
  • Currently oversees global family’s wealth and their investments.

Manish Maheshwari

  • PayPal – original team member & built the systems current patents.
  • Ebay – lead engineer
  • Snapchat – lead engineer

Samuel Banks III

Business Development
  • An entrepreneur with diverse expertise spanning software development, commodities trading, and the exciting realms of blockchain, crypto, and technology.
  • Bridges the communication with countries and their leaders representing Sacral.

Claire Chen

Private Equity
  • Caryle Group
  • JP Morgan
  • Goldman Sachs

stronger together

Additional operating team members and advisors where we have
an equitable balance, bringing stronger value to the table.
Devin Dews
Chief growth officer
Marko Arnautov
CIO IT & cyber
Shakti Wilson
Performance coach
Caroline Ramos
real estate investor advisor
Ben Errez
fintech advisor
Alexis Yaffe
analyst Investments
Silvio Pupo-Cusco
impact, climate advisor

Milion Zeleke

Global Relations advisor
Prashant Shah
TV Film finance advisor
Facts on the value of minority-led ventures:


  • According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, female-founded/co-founded startups are better financial investments. They generated $.78 per $1 funded, vs $.31 for male-founded startups.
  • Research has shown that companies with at least one female founder have performed 63% better than all-male founder teams, when looking at the change in valuation since the initial investment.
  • Female-founded companies receive far less VC investments than male-founded. With VC investments across the U.S. neared $330 billion, and $6.4 billion went to female-only founded startups.

sacral fund i

An Invitation to Join Us on
Venturing forth with Confidence
hybrid investment model
Strategic & Resilient Investment Portfolio
  • Exceptional returns often demand a strategic blend of high-growth potential and risk mitigation.


    Our PE investments are to established companies with:

    • Proven track records
    • Asset backed businesses
    • Provide stability and consistent returns
    • Mitigating overall portfolio risk.


    Our VC investments are to early-stage ventures focused on:

    • Groundbreaking technologies
    • Disruptive models
    • Broken systems
Terms + strategy
Target Stage
pre-seed – series A
majority preferred
Targeted Return / Exits
15% – 25% / 1 – 5 years
Management Fee
Discounted Follow-on Invest $1m – $10m by Jan. 30th & receive carried interest of 75%
Geographic Focus
( open to international )
Target # of Investments
15- 35; includes follow-ons
Return on Capital:
70% LPs / 30% GP
co-investment opportunitIES invest alongside sacral into targeted deal investment offerings
Target Fund Size
$110 m
Initial Check $
$3 M – $10 m
Capital Calls:
$3 M minimum – 50%
Discounted Follow-on Invest $1m – $10m by Jan. 30th & receive carried interest of 75%
industry allocations
(1) motor intelligence (MArket size, projected (‘28), industry cagr %)
(2) Pitchbook, “”US Venture Capital and Private Equity Landscape Report” (Q3 2023)” (IRR)

Market Size: USD $8,633.21B
Projected (‘28): USD $11,984.84B
CAGR: 5.87%

health & social

Market Size: USD $10,764.83B
Projected (‘28): USD $15,420.81B
CAGR: 5.83%

finance & legal

Market Size: USD $5,749.54B
Projected (‘28): USD $7,965.84B
CAGR: 5.16%


Market Size: USD $2,566.41B
Projected (‘28): USD $3,479.02B
CAGR: 6.27%

winning team + edge
health & social
finance & legal
winning team + edge

Experts in scaling tech unicorns, growing global brand awareness,
winning government sector contracts, as well as managing venture
capital & private equity.

targeted terms
Revenue & equity Share

Balance of downside protection and upside potential, participate in growth while providing revenue
stream to LPs.

Debt payback w/ equity or rev conversions
Establishes a clear ownership path for the fund, with conversion terms upon debt repayment, enabling seamless equity acquisition and full upside capture.
convertible debt (Anti-Dilutive Protection)
Protects downside risk by enabling conversion into equity at a favorable price, irrespective of the company’s valuation trajectory in subsequent financing rounds.
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