Let me change your perception of what an investor looks like…
Most of these women are members of our Women’s Investor Community in Celestial Group. Some have just made their first investment, others have been professional investors for years, some are moms, some are professional athletes, some are influencers, some are spiritual teachers, some are founders, authors, artists, CEOs, engineers, fund managers… And one thing they have in common:They are all investors.
And not the small on-the-side, make a dollar here and there-investor. They play big, they’re bold, they’re action takers, they’ve made their money a top priority. They know that’s what’s needed to create the freedom of choice and remove dependencies on any bunk system, government or financial institution that doesn’t always have our best interest at heart.
They are doing it for themselves. For their families. For their communities. And not just to build wealth for today, but for the future.They get it
Paying themselves first, making their money work for them, so they can show up as even more of their radiant selfs instead of staying small.
It’s not about hoarding, it’s about overflow. It’s not about short-sighted self-gratification, it’s about the greater good for many more. It’s all about Legacy Essentially, we should all be investors.
The women:
Jennifer Pereira AdaPia d’Errico Laura Fortey Lori Mercer Suzanne Rushton Gabrielle Judge Louise Herping Ellegaard Andjela Kusmuk Martine Kleissen Victoria Armstrong Brandi Kolosky Marta Sjögren Marisa Messana Bonnie Piesse Karly N. Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs (She/Her) @Annie Weinmann @christinathechannel @evstoryteller
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